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About Me

Let's play Desert Island!

I'll go first.



The Graduate

A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy

The Spanish Prisoner

Animal House

Living in oblivion



The Twilight Singers

Arcade Fire

The Cat Empire

Assaf Erlich

Shlomi Shaban



The Catcher in the Rye

Three Men in a Boat

Strange Pilgrims

Norwegian Wood


Everything you always wanted to know about me*

*but were too lazy to ask



There's no such thing as too much salt


It's complicated: 

I love many different kinds of cheese, but can't stand cheesecakes


If I were Cherokee, my name was:

Great Joke Killer


Freak show:

Lost my last baby tooth at the age of 18


Worse than a death sentence: 

Folding laundry


The funniest person in the world is: 

My              And Tina Fey. But mainly my sister.


Life philosophy:

Everything can be stored in a nice tin box. Even tin boxes.

In a nutshell


Graphic designer from Tel Aviv. Graduated in 2008 from Wizo Design Academy in Haifa, Israel, majored in print and motion graphics. Since then I've been working as a graphic designer specializing in environmental graphic design.

Who or what is Pushpin?


My beloved    She's a world champion in knocking glasses off the table. So proud of her.

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